In Memorium of The Dedicated Police Officers of Dracut

Chief Walter F. Garland
Chief Vincent O’Leary
Chief Wilfred A. Paquette
Chief Robert A. Tyrrell
Captain Charles W. Christynia

Captain Donald Kelleher
Captain Robert W. Paquin
Captain Arthur L. White
Lieutenant George Watson
Sergeant Gerald D. Couture
Sergeant Raymond Daigle
Sergeant Richard Guinazzo
Sergeant Harold Merrill
Sergeant Eugene Paquette
Sergeant Charles Panageotopoulos
Sergeant Girard E. Sevigny
Detective Ralph (Duke) Garland
Patrolman James Andrews
Patrolman Robert Angluin
Patrolman Peter J. Apostolas
Patrolman Robert Blazon
Patrolman Donald J. Campbell
Patrolman Joseph A. Campbell, Jr.
Patrolman Arthur C. Charbonneau
Patrolman David Close
Patrolman Charles Cregg
Patrolman Joseph A. Delisle
Patrolman James Drury
Patrolman Alfred F. Handley
Patrolman Robert A. Hoag
Patrolman Carl Laduke
Patrolman Raoul (Gidder) Lefebvre
Patrolman Brendan Loughran
Patrolman Raymond R. Rowe, Sr.
Patrolman Raymond R. Rowe, Jr.
Patrolman John Tobin
Patrolman Merrill Thomas
Patrolman John Zaleski
Patrolman Stanley Zube